Sep 21st, 2014
The perfect Sunday 😎😅😬 #netflixin
Sep 20th, 2014
Inner Poet

All these people whisper,

about the hatred and the blame,

but staying hush ain’t gonna fix it,

and watching them just makes me question.

Do they understand what it means,

to justify parsimonious things,

no matter how big or small

the intention is to call.

Call out the selfish manipulations,

and the filthy dispositions, 

Cause if you’re not going to speak,

who will for you when you’re in need. 

People fear the voice they have,

as they are trained to in the past. 

Shadows casted with wrong doing,

when all it is is passion cooing. 

Cooing to sooth their soul,

and reflect what they already know,

deep down inside in hiding,

because the world has coincided,

splitting their heart with all the greed,

blurring the lines of what should be. 

If we don’t try what is the point,

of being human if we don’t,

don’t fight for love and peace,

so set this world around us free,

for the future is in our hands,

and it is only sinking deeper in the sand,

while the weight of falling under,

numbs us from feeling anything other,

other than the burdens of survival,

in this heavy world of ours.

It’s not a race for ourselves,

but we are one race together,

If we can’t stop hurting with hatred,

We will all fall together. 


Sep 19th, 2014
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Sep 19th, 2014
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Sep 19th, 2014
Halos ❤️😇 ❤️ #angels #alwayslaughin #candid #gored  (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)
Sep 14th, 2014
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Sep 14th, 2014
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Sep 12th, 2014
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Sep 10th, 2014
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Sep 8th, 2014
Beautiful rainbow after today’s much needed rain 💜 #rainbow #cali #thegloomwasoverdue #palmtrees
Sep 7th, 2014
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Sep 6th, 2014
Mornin’ ☀️#newport
Sep 6th, 2014
Minds at midnight🌜#latenightthinking #yup
Sep 4th, 2014
People are shady but I’m still smilin 😁😁😎 #hatergonhate #thursdaythoughts
Sep 2nd, 2014
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